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Aviation Week’s commitment to the A&D workforce consistently has identified the need to build a strong community of future leaders. Working in partnership with Raytheon, Aviation Week provides this space to inform and inspire young professionals and students from top universities — with industry intelligence, career connections and an online community. This online destination aims to connect you — to inspire you with the latest innovations and by your interaction with one another!

Young Professionals News

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Raytheon honors next generation of aerospace engineers
A career in aerospace and defense awaits twenty exceptional students who were recognized as "Tomorrow's Engineering Leaders: The Twenty20s." View
Foam Darts and Big Ideas Build Cyber Powerhouse
With a rainbow-colored rack of toy dart guns on the wall, a foosball table in the break room and a dress code of t-shirts and jeans, SI Government Solutions looks more like a Silicon Valley startup than part of a big defense company. View
Making the Bullet Louder: "3-D Audio" Gives Pilots a Multisensory Heads-Up
But what if the ball itself made noise? A new “3-D Audio” system for military pilots does exactly that, alerting aviators to the exact direction and type of threat coming toward them. View
President Obama Honors Raytheon BBN Technologies
But over the next 65 years Raytheon BBN Technologies would go far beyond acoustics: pioneering the Internet, creating e-mail and developing everything from translation software to battlefield sensors. Read More
From Front Line to War Room, Linguistics Changing Military's Work
Sensing possible danger, the soldier doesn’t reach for his weapon—instead, he reaches for his Android smartphone. Read More
Sensors Become Difference Between Victory and Deadly Mistakes
In one alley, the Stryker’s crew can clearly see a man sweeping his stoop with a broom –no threat to this patrol. Read More
Aviation Week and Raytheon Partner to Inspire Next Generation of Aerospace Leaders
Program Expands digital distribution of Aviation Week & Space Technology to engineering students in Universities, launches new online community. Download
  Team USA Wins World Rocket Contest With Launch Over Paris
Three Texas teenagers sent a raw egg soaring 703 feet over Paris to win the world’s top model rocketry contest on Friday. Read More
  STEM Infographic - STEM Takes Flight at International Rocketry Challenge
Nationals around the world - including the U.S.- are working to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in young students. View
  VIDEO: Onboard Camera Video from 2013 International Rocketry Challenge
This onboard video was shot during the International Rocketry Challenge, held June 21, 2013 at Le Bourget Airport during the Paris Air Show. Raytheon proudly sponsored the United States team's trip to France to compete in the event. More

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Women make up 30 percent of freshman engineering students at Georgia Tech and 24 percent of the College of Engineering’s students overall. Nationally only 18 percent of engineering students are women. Read more

Real World Design Challenge 2014 Scenario Announced to Teen Competitors: Use UAS to Increase Food Production - Representatives from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide unveiled the 2014 Real World Design Challenge scenario in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. Read more

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