About AWIN

Do you track the top global programs?  Need to locate new business opportunities?  Are you trying to keep up on the technological advancements impacting the market?

The Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) is the only integrated online platform that provides comprehensive content and exclusive data, analytics, and insight into the marketplace, the programs and the technologies shaping the industry.  With intelligence across the key markets of commercial, military, space, business aviation and MRO, AWIN is the tool thousands of organizations and individuals rely on each business day.


A Vital Business Resource

AWIN, a two-time winner of the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Award for best website, is a vital business resource that makes it easy to monitor requirements, programs, inventory and regulations, enabling industry professionals to maintain a competitive advantage.

The expansive market data and intelligence within AWIN makes it the fastest, easiest and smartest way to grow your business:

  • Easily follow major programs with the Program Profiles database, including overviews, changes to budgets and supplier listings

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  • Energize sales teams with qualified prospect lists built by accessing AWIN’s personnel and organizational databases; with information on more than 120,000 industry professionals at over 25,000 industry organizations

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  • Access reports, white papers and analyses not available anywhere else, including the Aviation Week annual Top Performing Companies and Airlines

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  • Receive customized intelligence using the MyAWIN personal alerts system; the effortless way to follow the programs, organizations, topics, etc. that have the biggest impact on your workflow

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Key Features and Benefits

From tracking competitors and emerging trends and technologies, to monitoring customers and finding prospective partners, AWIN simplifies how you obtain the data and intelligence needed to locate new business opportunities, with:

  • AWIN First updates throughout each business day
  • Daily delivery of market briefings which focus exclusively on the commercial and defense markets, Aviation Daily and Aerospace Daily & Defense Report
  • The broadest fleet database available, with over 130,000 aircraft from the commercial, military and business aviation markets
  • Publication access to the respected publications in the Aviation Week portfolio, including Aviation Week & Space TechnologyAviation Week & Space Technology MRO Edition and Aviation Week & Space Technology DT Edition
  • Linkage of programs and organizations