• From:2009 American Society of Aviation Artists Awards

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    • Second Place Military

      20" x 40" Oil Limping along in a crippled Flying Fortress over the North Sea and still within the reach of enemy fighters, 94th Bomb Group pilot 2nd Lt. C. Arliss Watts and his crew breathe a sigh of relief at the arrival of an escort of P-51s. Their B-17G, nicknamed “Roll Me Over,” had received flak damage while on the bomb run over Kiel, Germany, on Apr. 4 1945, resulting in the failure of the No. 2 engine and a wind-milling propeller. The suspense was not over yet, for soon after they had passed Helgoland, the Mustangs would depart and No. 3 engine, seen here trailing an ominous mist, would also fail, forcing Lt. Watts to feather that propeller as well. However, the crew did return safely to the 94th’s home base of Rougham, near Bury St. Edmunds. Credit: Wade Meyers

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