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Third Largest Airplane Manufacturer Enjoying Enormous Industry Reputation: Bombardiers Aerospace operates under the parent company, Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Inc. manufactures both planes and trains with over 71,700 employees. They are known for their great efficiency and sustainability reputation in which helped bring in $16.8 billion USD in revenues by the end of the fiscal year of 2012. Bombardier is located in Dorval, Quebec, Canada with both Laurent Beaudoin, Chairman of the Board, and Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, leading the way. Bombardier Aerospace employs about 33,600 people and is known as the third largest airplane manufacturer in the world following both Airbus and Boeing. Specialization Areas: Bombardier aerospace also brings in over half of its parent company’s revenue for their manufactured products in which are designed for the following markets: • Business aircraft includes the Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft families • Commercial aircraft includes the new CSeries program, CRJ Series and Q-Series aircraft families • Amphibious aircraft includes the Bombardier 415 and Bombardier 415 MP aircraft • Specialized aircraft solutions includes the Bombardier aircraft modified for special missions Bombardier Aerospace has aircraft support services and training as well which includes aircraft parts, maintenance services, comprehensive training, technical support and publications, and online services for any customer concerns or questions. Significant Milestones: Bombardier Aerospace began by acquiring Canadair 1986, acquiring Short Brothers plc which was an aviation manufacturer in 1989, acquiring Learjet in 1990, and acquiring De Havilland aircraft of Canada in 1992. Some famous milestones in Bombardier Aerospace’s history includes the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) launching and making its first flight in 1991, the launching of the Global Express business jet program in 1993, the popular and quiet Dash 8 turboprops was renamed to the Q-Series in 1998, the CSeries aircraft program was launched in 2008, and in 2013, the CSeries Aircraft makes it first flight. ASAP Semiconductor helps you Procure Bombardiers Products: ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website Aviation Sourcing Solutions, is a leading distributor of all Bombardiers Aerospace parts and products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at or 1-(866)-756-8540 and one of our experienced sales representatives available will be ready to help you.

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