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Connectivity in the Cabin and the Cockpit by Honeywell

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Connecting Business Aviation

Ka and Business Aviation - For business jet operators, maintaining the network connections that you have on the ground while you’re in the sky can mean the difference between getting ahead and lagging behind. Business executives need e-mail, Internet, access to VPN networks, voice capabilities, video conferencing, cloud computing, e-commerce and more, in addition to the entertainment capabilities, while in flight.
Connecting the Commercial Aircraft

For commercial aircraft operators, the decision about putting connectivity onboard the airplane can be a complicated one. On one hand you want to offer a robust package that allows for connectivity for an entire aircraft of passengers and crew, but on the other, you want to provide the opportunity for that connectivity to become a potential ancillary revenue stream as well. And the habits of commercial passengers are different than business aviation travelers as well.
Connecting the Cockpit

A great deal of the recent focus has been on the benefits that Ka will bring to passengers, specifically in terms of enabling airborne connectivity similar to that which is experienced at home or in the office. The benefits of Ka, however, extend well beyond the cabin to the pilot, crew and maintenance professionals working behind the scenes to enable flight operations.
Honeywell Press Release

Honeywell To Be Exclusive Inmarsat Ka-band Satellite Provider For In-Flight Wireless Broadband Services Airtime Provider For In-Flight Wireless Broadband Services