Advanced Machines for Aerospace Manufacturing
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Aerospace Machining by Makino

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Overcoming Challenges in Aerospace EDM Hole Drilling

The demand for improved performance and higher fuel efficiency in aircraft engines has driven increased use of cooling holes and diffuser shapes within blade and vane components. Learn about the latest EDM hole drilling technologies for high-speed, high-quality cooling hole production.
Effective Cooling Strategies for Titanium Machining

Heat generation is the single largest contributor to rapid tool wear in titanium machining. Learn what machine factors and cutting methods have the greatest impact on heat generation in titanium machining and discover new cooling strategies for increased productivity and maximum tool life.
Flexible Aerospace Grinding, and the New G5 HMC

When producing complex aircraft engine components that require a variety of machining processes, the potential for stack-up error increases dramatically. Discover how 5-axis, multi-tasking machine technologies are overcoming this challenge and removing non-value added time from the manufacturing process.
Invest in Titanium Machining

The growth in titanium milling applications is exceeding the current machining capacity of many shops. Be ready to take on this demand with “right-sized” advanced machining solutions.
Why Do Makino Users Have Significantly Lower Perishable Tool Costs

One of the most frequently overlooked factors related to part cost is tool life. On a per-order basis, the impact of tooling expenses may seem negligible; however, extending those costs over the full length of a machine’s lifespan can mean dramatic saving. Find out what key machine factors impact tool life in this webinar.
Tool Costs vs. Productivity in Hard Metals

What is the point of extended tool life if your process times are so slow your part costs are not competitive? How far can you push tools to get the most productivity in hard metals and yet best utilize the machine while controlling your tool costs? Discover how you can maximize tool cost per cubic inch of material removed.

Aerospace Milling Videos by Makino

Aluminum Machining for Aerospace on the a61nx-5E

G7 5-Axis Grinding Machine for Aerospace Engine Components

Aerospace Aluminum Machining at 400 Cubic Inches Per Minute

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Blade and Vane Cooling Hole EDM Drilling

Small Part Aerospace Manufacturing on the a51nx

Machining a Large Aerospace Part on a Makino MAG 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center

MAG-3 5-Axis Horizontal Machining of a Deep Pocket at 300 cu/in in an Aluminum Aerospace Part

Enhancing Aerospace Manufacturing Productivity and Profitability at UMII

Titanium Milling and Automation Boost Productivity at JWD Machine

Titanium Machining Technologies Create New Opportunities for Patriot Machine