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Aerospace & Defense Software White Papers

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Why Aerospace and Defense Maintenance Needs Mobile MRO What is the case for mobility solutions for the war fighter sustaining military assets? And how can you select the right software when most enterprise software used to sustain A&D assets seems to have been designed under the assumption that these activities occur in a controlled and predictable setting?

An Earned Value Management (EVM) Success Story Learn how to get certified in earned value management (EVM) and compete for government aerospace and defense contracts.

DPAS Ratings and Selecting ERP for Aerospace and Defense DPAS ratings are driven by regulation, but can be turned into a competitive advantage in the market for an aerospace and defense contractor or manufacturer running the right software. Selecting the right ERP, EAM and other enterprise software is a challenge, and this whitepaper contains tips for a successful selection.
Master ITAR Export Control

Master ITAR and Export Control with ERP : In this whitepaper, we'll discuss how correct application of the right enterprise software including enterprise resource planning (ERP) can keep your aerospace and defense manufacturing business in the good graces of regulators, preventing heavy fines that result in violations. What functionality must your enterprise software offer to streamline compliance?

Selecting ERP for Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Contracting: Performance based logistics (PBL), involves delivery of various services and support after the sale, placing new demands on manufacturing ERP

Selecting ERP for Your Defense Manufacturing Business Learn to select ERP for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing, including requirements like PBL, government reporting, and government-owned inventory management.