The Talon OPV (Optionally-Piloted Vehicle) comes standard equipped with an Electro- Optical (EO) Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) sensor and password protected Line-of-Sight (LOS) Microwave Video Streaming System for live video viewable on any web browser equipped device (i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs). Included are 3G/4G and Satellite Auto-Email Systems capable of sending emailed JPEG or Google Earth (KMZ) pictures with one keystroke while airborne or on the ground by Verizon 3G data card or Satellite data-phone. Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) streaming video capabilitiy is optional. Included Scan Plan Software enables preprogramming a path using GEO coordinates to automatically direct the imaging system. Highly valued for recurring patrols for pre/ post disaster comparison video, search and rescue, border patrol and pipeline patrol. Talon OPV allows the onboard pilot to preprogram the mission profile and provide Visual Flight Rules (VFR) see-and-avoid capability while sensor systems are controlled from a Ground Control Station (GCS). The pilot can also instantaneously take control of the aircraft should circumstances dictate. Talon OPV can be upgraded to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) having full auto-takeoff and auto-land capabilities. Aircraft Specifications: S6-RT CS 22 Motor Glider (Retractable Undercarriage & Turbocharged Engine) having side-by-side cockpit with full vision one-piece canopy; three-part wing in shoulder deck configuration with laminar profiles and CFD designed wing/fuselage transition; 18 m wing span; winglets; prepared for folding of outer wings (option) above the inner wing to achieve a remaining wing span of 7 m for hangaring and taxiing; T-type tailplane; durable PUR paint; STEMME mid-engine drive system; Constant Speed Propeller; electrical change of propeller pitch, can be feathered for soaring; tricycle gear, track width and wheel base, 2 m each. Controls: Mechanical carbon pushrod steering, rudder control by cable; high differentiated flaps; aileron-flap mix (flaperon); Schempp-Hirth airbrakes; electrical elevator trim; automatic connector for elevator pushrod. Structure: Modular fuselage with steel frame center section carrying the powerplant, also used for wing and undercarriage attachment; detachable cowlings for easy access to powerplant, controls and undercarriage; hybrid fibre composite cockpit; composite wing, tail boom and empennage; mid-wing section bolt-mounted to center section; removeable tie-down rings. Drive System/Fuel System: Mid-engine turbocharged 4 cylinder/4 stroke Rotax 914F2 boxer-engine with 84.5 kW/115 hp with air, water and oil cooling; electronic dual injection; electrical starter; dual carburetor system; dry sump lubrication; electronic data recording; optimized drive system via front-reduction gear; composite driveshaft and vibration absorber; Muehlbauer Constant-Speed-3-blade propeller; electric actuation; can be feathered for soaring; 65 litre composite integrated wing fuel tank (right), Hutchinson PRC1750 coated; self-sealing quick-connectors to connect fuel hose to wing tank; adjustable cowl flaps. Cockpit Trim & Features: Two seat side-by-side cockpit; dual control; forward opening, gas-strut-supported green-tinted canopy (with UV protection); Roeger Hook for emergency canopy release; center console with controls; backrests adjustable on base and top; well-structured, spacious instrument panel; VHF antenna in rudder; air data probe; luggage compartment behind backrests and in rear fuselage section (accessible from outside). Undercarriage: Tricycle electrical-hydraulic retractable undercarriage with elastomeric shock absorbers, steerable nose wheel with telescopic suspension, main undercarriage with straight-running stability trailing arms. ShadowAir LTD. Airborne ISR Solutions 300 Center Street, Suite G-214 Superior, CO 80027 Tel No. +1-888-731-3092 (Toll-Free) +1-303-731-3092 (Direct) Fax No. +1-888-731-3092 E-mail: manzoor@shadowair.com Website: www.shadowair.com

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