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Submitted by: Taking Enterprise Quality Management to the Next Level of Performance

Over the last ten years, companies have been moving more manufacturing of subassemblies and critical components into the supply chain. The publicity and liability of product recalls, litigation, and regulatory penalties often fall on the end manufacturer even when root cause is eventually found layers down in the supply chain...Read More

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Submitted by: Cockpit Considerations –Making the Case for Avionics Upgrades

Aging aircraft generate many issues, with none more pressing than the obsolescence of the cockpit avionics. In fact, if the flight deck is still equipped with vintage, electro-mechanical analog instruments or first-generation electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) suites, it may be time for the owner to consider upgrading to a state of the art digital flight deck.

Submitted by: The A & D Challenge (10 Pages)

Download this whitepaper now to learn about how A&D manufacturers can address five important areas of concern—compliance, control, communications, competitiveness and cutting cost, waste and complexity. Enterprise systems are essential tools for running a business effectively, but the demands of the A&D market cannot be easily addressed by a one-size-fits-all product.

Submitted by: Aviation Week Executive Roundtable:
Evaluating DoD Budget Proposal Impact on Innovation, Execution
In the wake of the March 4, 2014 rollout of the U.S. defense budget, Aviation Week’s Executive Roundtable was held to look at the impact on the areas of most concern to industry: innovation and the pace/ velocity at which change will be required as programs of record are eliminated and new technologies are required.  
Submitted by: SANDEL Avoiding Controlled Flight into Terrain, Obstacles and Wires  Based on the success of the fixed-wing TAWS, this paper briefly highlights the issues dealt with in fixed-wing CFIT and the correlation of using a TAWS solution to address rotorcraft CFIT. It also discusses the challenges and benefits of Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (HTAWS), and the operational reason and decisions made in the design of the leading HTAWS today. Taken together, the improvements over a conventional HTAWS system shows how a commercial, off-the-shelf HTAWS can successfully be installed in tactical helicopters with minimal modifications and reasonable costs to significantly reduce CFIT. Download
Submitted by: Gaining Altitude - Innovation and the Path to Success Gaining Altitude - Innovation and the Path to Success (6 pages) These are challenging times for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. Despite a tepid economic recovery, commercial aviation demand has been resilient. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production is setting records, and there is a steady stream of new product Introductions. The combination of strong demand and technological advancements in aircraft is powering the strongest and longest growth cycle in aviation history, causing an interesting challenge: finding the resources, both human and economic, to support innovation and product development. Download
Submitted by: Executive Roundtable: Engineering Leadership Platform Modernization and how to balance modernization strategies and incremental capability upgrades to meet evolving missions. Featured White Paper Download

Submitted by: Platform Modernization, A Cost-Effective Strategy for Evolving Mission Requirements Platform modernization is a new strategy that is designed to help federal agencies meet the operational challenges of today’s fiscal environment. It allows them to extend the service life of existing platforms while adding new capabilities for an array of evolving mission requirements. Featured Viewpoint Download

Submitted by: Deltek Information Flow for Agility, Compliance and Performance in Project Manufacturing Prolonged weak economies around the world mean that governments and some commercial businesses have been cutting budgets. Download
Submitted by: American Eurocopter: Meeting Government Regulations For Asset Management American Eurocopter: Meeting Government Regulations For Asset Management With plans to increase its scope of work with the Department of Defense, Texasbased American Eurocopter Corporation had to ramp up its software infrastructure. The maker of rotary-wing aircraft needed to comply with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS), but its legacy asset management software was not up to the task. Download
Submitted by: Master Big Data: SAP Delivers the Database of the 21st Century Master Big Data: SAP Delivers the Database of the 21st Century (6 pages) In-Memory Computing is a relatively new technology that allows the processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory of a server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions. SAP is now delivering this capability to the market as a High-performance Analytic Appliance (aka HANA). This white paper addresses specific applications of this revolutionary capability across the aerospace and defense industry. Download
Submitted by: Boosting Productivity Boosting Productivity With Mobile 3-D Product Visualization Technology (6 pages) Leveraging technologies from recent acquisitions has enabled SAP to accelerate the advancement of their A&D manufacturing solution through the use of mobile technology and 3D product visualization… Download
Submitted by: Extreme RFID (10 Pages) Extreme RFID Extends Asset Tracking to Rugged Environments. Download
Submitted by: The Five C's of A & D Success (10 Pages)
This white paper discusses some important considerations for A&D manufacturers in the context of enterprise information systems.

Submitted by: Sopheon Case Study: Honeywell (2 Pages) Honeywell uses Sopheon's Vision Strategist to visualize its product and technology roadmaps to adapt to market changes. Download
Submitted by: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Innovation and Program Management (15 Pages) Best practices for creating sustainable innovation - making science and technology, program and portfolio management real. Download
Submitted by: Aviation Week/IBM Systems Engineering Survey (16 Pages) The impact of systems engineering on A&D industry program results. Download
Submitted by: Enigma 3C - Integrating Service and Parts Information Into Operations (8 Pages) Enigma 3C is a Web-native enterprise software platform that improves the productivity of mechanics, service, parts managers.  Download
Submitted by: PDS Industries Success Story (2 Pages) PDS Industries, a leading aerospace manufacturer, need an ERP solution to help its growth.
Submitted by: Why an Equipment Fleet Management Solution is Mission Critical for the Aviation Industry (7 Pages) The typical airport operates thousands of pieces of Ground Equipment often with no visibility to the utilization of that equipment.  Download