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  • Two More Customers Drop The A350-800XWB
    Posted by Brian Bostick 5:54 PM on Feb 07, 2014

    A look at Airbus' January 2014 orders & deliveries report reveals that two more customers have switched from the A350-800XWB to the larger A350-900XWB model. ILFC switched its remaining six A350-800XWBs on order to the A350-900XWB model while Libyan Arab Airlines did the same for its remaining four aircraft. This bring the total number of A350-800XWBs on order to 46 among just six customers.

    In addition, Gulf Air cancelled two of its A319s on order, leaving it with a backlog of just one. CIT also cancelled an A319 as well as two A320s.

    Airbus secured orders for 10 aircraft in January, consisting of:

    American Airlines (7 A321s)
    Libyan Airlines (2 A350-900XWBs)
    Tibet Airlines (1 A319)

    Taking cancellations into account, net orders for Airbus for January is five.

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