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  • The Teardown Report #1: Plugging in Post Paris
    Posted by KristinMajcher 3:44 PM on Jun 24, 2011

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    My HootSuite dashboard!

    Welcome to the first issue of The Teardown Report, a weekly blog post on Fridays that will document social media strategies in the MRO universe. In this post we take a look at tweeting at Le Bourget and some of the most active LinkedIn discussions about Panisonic's new Toughbook tablet, which runs Android.


    Here's one of the many videos that Aviation Week promoted on itsYouTube page. This piece on new engines at the show garnered thousands of hits and comments. 

    With the air show in Le Bourget wrapping up this week, let's first take a look at some of the online outreach efforts in the industry. If you were following the official Le Bourget tag, #PAS11, you probably saw @AvWeekRupa@AvWeekElyse and @AviationWeek tweeting up a storm to break news and promote video footage of green technology and aircraft like the Boeing 787 coming in for landing.

    GE Aviation was very visible on the #PAS11 Twitter feed with its handle @GEAviation, churning out links to press releases about its 190 engine orders (which Aviation Week kept track of with a nifty feature on our own Paris microsite).

    GE also made sure to tweet about its live video web cast every afternoon from the exhibit hall, which resides on its slick microsite made especially for Paris. One of the features that I really enjoyed was the real-time counter of people viewing the video at one time. On the first day of the show, the web cast definitely reached at least a few hundred people. With an easy-to-use interface and high-quality video and photos, this web site really captures the excitement of the event.

    CFM International was just as accessible to followers with @CFM_engines, tweeting videos from the show.

    One example of CFM's messages:

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    The engine manufacturer announced that it garnered 20,000 followers, no doubt achieved by constant posting. It seemed like the defense side of the industry had good representation during the twitter conversation, with @Raytheoncompany@baesystemsinc@Teconnectivity 

    and @eadsatlebourget leading the way. On the commercial side, @boeingairplanes, @airbus @superjetintl, @bombardier_aero

    balanced out the engine companies with lots of up-to-the-minute news.



    Yesterday I was having a chat about inventory marketplaces with Ludo Van Vooren, one of the most passionate people in the industry about using social media in the MRO world. We started having a discussion about the need for companies to start attracting the next generation with these new online tools, and he brought up the great point about how many executives are already using LinkedIn as a way to connect with others in the industry. Ludo floated the idea of the LinkedIn aviation community being the biggest social network for MRO out there, and I have to agree.

    There are some really interesting LinkedIn groups about a variety of MRO topics. One of my favorites is the Aircraft Lifecycle Wikinomics group moderated by Michael Denis, a principal at ICF SH&E. I've been keeping an eye on one conversation about the proliferation of Panasonic's new Toughbook tablet in the MRO industry. 

    Paul Saunders, operations director at Conduce Group, asked the question:

    "Will the news that Panasonic will be adding an Android tablet to the Toughbook range mean that MRO and aviation in general will need to adopt Open Source, Open Data and Open Architecture to embrace the tech which is on its way?"

    He added a link to his own blog post about the new product, taking the stance "I expect the device will be fully able to survive being dunked in Skydrol and dropped from the wing of an A380."

    Here are some of the responses on the LinkedIn discussion board:

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    blog post photo

    Panisonic has been pushing its Toughbook line pretty aggressively with social media, with the @Toughbook Twitter account and a Facebook fan page. I actually asked Panisonic for a high-resolution image of the tablet through my Twitter account @AvWeekKristin, but to no avail. Maybe next time.

    To wrap up this edition of The Teardown Report, I'd like to solicit your feedback with two questions: How well did Aviation Week and other aerospace companies cover the excitement of Le Bourget with the #PAS11 tag? And secondly, do you agree with @Ludozone that LinkedIn is the biggest social network for the aerospace industry? What about the site works or doesn't work well for your purposes?

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