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  • Visibility into the Supply Chain
    Posted by Frank Jackman 4:44 PM on Dec 07, 2007

    When talking about the problems with suppliers that have plagued's Boeing's 787, Scott Carson, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, recently was quoted as saying: "In addition to oversight, you need insight into what's actually going on in those factories. Had we had adequate insight, we could have helped our suppliers understand the challenge."

    Translation: If we could have seen what was going on inside our suppliers' operations, we would have known a long time ago that they weren't going to come close to hitting their production and schedule targets and we could have acted earlier, avoiding lots of embarrassment and possibly saving us millions of dollars.

    Insight, or visibility, into the supply chain is one of the three most important buzzwords emerging in the new supply chain environment, according to veteran writer Bob Trebilcock, whose piece "Changing Dynamics in the MRO Supply Chain" appears in the just-released December issue of Overhaul & Maintenance.

    I try not to use this forum to plug the magazine too often, but Bob's article on the supply chain, the first of what will be a quarterly feature in O&M, really is a top notch journalistic effort. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of the magazine and take a look.

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