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  • Recruiting & Retaining Tips #MROA
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 1:06 AM on Nov 14, 2012

    Recruiting and retaining skilled maintenance professionals, especially in rapidly growing regions like here in Asia, is a conversation topic that frequently comes up because without talented professionals, growth will be restrained. 

    Here are MRO Asia today, one session tackled the topic and here are a few examples of what works:

    1. Frank Bodenhage, president and CEO of MTU Zhuhai, says the MRO offers employees the opportunity to train overseas at MTU's facilities in Germany and Canada. Personal development is important.

    2. Lutz Wierschin, a director at GAMECO, says the MRO has buses to pick up employees who don't have cars. The MRO in Guangzhou offers many benefits that help its turnover rate be only 1%.

    3. Mohd Yuzer Mohd Yusoff, senior GM at Malaysian Aviation Training Academy, has found that parents are the biggest stumbling blocks to recruiting new students, but if kids bring their parents to informational sessions, many more students will sign up

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