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  • The Dawn of a New Age of Ailerons?
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 5:21 PM on Jul 22, 2010

    Aileron design might have just evolved. Lam Aviation claims to have designed the first major change in ailerons since their inception. According to Lam, incorporation of the new aileron into wing designs with traditional ailerons and flaps can offer improvements in: fuel efficiency; high-speed cruise performance; range; useful load; and slow flight. 

    The Lam Aileron uncouples the traditional relationship between flaps and ailerons, allowing wings to be equipped with both flaps and ailerons of any span, including full span, without the use of spoilers or flaperons. The Lam Aileron enables aircraft to use a smaller wing allowing for higher cruise speeds, lower fuel consumption, and better ride comfort through turbulence while also improving slow-speed flight handling. The Lam Aileron allows the usual separate functions of flaps and ailerons to be mixed for additional operations such as speed brakes or drag rudders. 

    "Our design expands the range of variable geometries for aircraft utilizing a conventional wing and tail configuration. Anyone seeking to maximize the benefits and operations of trailing-edge devices like flaps and ailerons should consider it," said Michael Lam, Lam Aviation CEO. 

    The new design has potential application in small general aviation aircraft as well as larger aircraft such as business jets and even large transport category aircraft.  The Lam Aileron design can be used on any aircraft that uses the traditional wing and tail configuration and can be retrofitted on existing aircraft, or designed into new aircraft. 

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