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  • On Fokkers And Useful Lives In Myanmar
    Posted by Sean Broderick 11:43 AM on Dec 31, 2012

    While you're clicking around Planet AvWeek as part of your yearend festivities, don't miss this post by colleague Leithen Francis on the December 25 crash of an Air Bagan Fokker 100 in Myanmar. 

    Francis makes an interesting case that the accident could scupper what is left of the Fokker market in Asia. And not for nothing, he also underscores Myanmar's de facto position on the aircraft useful life debate:

    Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), however, introduced new regulations earlier this year stipulating that aircraft imported into the country must be no older than 20 years and aircraft already in Myanmar must be no older than 25.

    Happy New Year.

    Tags: om99, Fokker

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