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  • Full Steam Ahead For Gulfstream’s G650, G280
    Posted by Kerry Lynch 11:43 AM on Sep 10, 2012

    Gulfstream’s crown jewel – the G650 – could enter service within weeks now that the Savannah, Ga.  plane maker has secured full type certification (TC).  Gulfstream announced it received the TC on Sept. 7, just days after it announced similar certification for its G280 super mid.

    Gulfstream is saying both aircraft are expected to enter service before yearend.  But service entry is likely to occur much sooner.   A number of G650s have long been in completion – the airframer had received provisional TC in November 2011 and delivered the first dozen green aircraft that year.  Gulfstream has stated it planned to deliver two dozen more G650s this year.

    As for the G280, Gulfstream says the first customer-bound aircraft are in completion.  But the company also has stated it planned to deliver 10-15 of its “mid” cabin models this year, and the G280 are expected to make up the majority of those aircraft.

    Gulfstream is not expected to slow down its research & development work now that it has certification for the two models.  The 650 is anticipated as the first of a family of aircraft, with the next evolution – possibly a truncated version – said to be well in the works and poised to be announced next year.

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