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  • As the Red Baron Put It ...
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 10:22 AM on Jul 23, 2013

    Who, if anyone, has the right idea about what future air combat looks like? In a July 15 column in Aviation Week, I made the point that air forces around the world seem to be taking different views on the subject -- unsurprisingly, perhaps, since technology continues to evolve, but there is no recent experience of air combat between forces that anyone would have called evenly matched.

    Different views are leading to different choices, with the US Navy making a turn towards infrared sensors and weapons, Russia still placing a high value on maneuver, and stealth advocates arguing that the day of close combat is over.

    How they can all be right escapes me.

    We've had quite a bit of feedback on this already via our letters pages, so thought we'd open this up for more open discussion.

    Tags: ar99, tacair, air combat

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