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  • New Videos: X-47B Continues Sea Trials on the USS Theodore Roosevelt
    Posted by Amy Butler 8:38 PM on Nov 26, 2013

    The USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to port last week after hosting the X-47B for more at-sea trials. 

    The goal was to test the aircraft's interaction wiht the ship in off-nominal wind conditions. Nominal conditions are winds up to 25 kt. right down the runway on deck. Testers were looking for 35 kt. of relative winds and crosswinds up to 7kt. 

    Here are a few statistics from the tests: 
    26 total deck touchdowns
    21 of those were touch and gos
    five catapult launchs and five trap landings
    five wave offs (two planned and three owing to software logic the automatically conducted a wave off owing to extreme wind conditions). 

    Below are some videos from the deck that I took while on assignment. 

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