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  • FAA green light for 787 battery tests
    Posted by Guy Norris 4:14 PM on Mar 12, 2013

    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has given Boeing’s battery system redesign plan the green light, but only on condition the manufacturer conducts “extensive testing and analysis to demonstrate compliance with the applicable safety regulations and special conditions.”

    News of the approval on March 12 comes as the grounding of the 787 stretches into its second month, and will be greeted with massive relief by Boeing which proposed its redesign package to the FAA on Feb 22. Since the original issues forced the grounding of the worldwide fleet on Jan 16, the company has been focused on an urgent redesign effort which includes revisions to the battery itself, as well as the monitoring and venting system design surrounding it.


    Testing will be conducted on 787 test aircraft line number 86 and ZA005. More details to follow soon on

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