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  • Night Vision for Cessna 182 Pilots
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 2:02 AM on Jun 14, 2010

    Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems has announced an FAA/STC-approved dual 95 amp alternator kit for Lycoming-powered Cessna 182 and Turbo 182 aircraft. Targeting higher utilization 182 owners who use the aircraft in IFR and night operations, the system provides the reliability of a full-powered redundant electrical system with minimal weight increase – only 23 lbs.

    Previously, Part 135 operations using 182s have had to add an extra battery or a small 15-20 amp generator providing only enough power to safely divert to an alternate. The Kelly dual alternator kit for the T182/T182T provides fully-redundant, 95 amps to power all systems so a trip can be completed as planned.

    The FAA/STC approved kit includes a duplicate 95 amp alternator to the original equipment along with all the pulleys, belts, brackets and hardware for installation on the Lycoming IO540 series engines. All system controls are panel mounted and the backup system is simply activated with a flip of a switch.  So, no worrying about loss of lighting or G1000 glass panel at night or IFR conditions.

    The system operates independently of the aircraft MCU providing total electrical system redundancy. Complete kits are available from Cessna Parts Distribution (CPD II) as well as other major general aviation wholesale distributors worldwide.

    Installation during an aircraft’s next major maintenance event or annual should only add a few hours to the process. 

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