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  • Wraps Off Northrop's Fan-in-Wing MUVR
    Posted by Graham Warwick 1:39 PM on Dec 15, 2011

    At the Quad-A UAS show in Washington today, Northrop Grumman has taken the wraps off the MUVR fan-in wing high-speed VTOL ship-to-shore cargo resupply unmanned aircraft it has been working on with the Office of Naval Research.

    blog post photo
    Photo: Mike Hirschberg, AHS

    I am not at the show, so no details, I'm afraid. But you can see MUVR has a pair of ducted fans in the wing. They may be tip- or shaft-driven - or electric-driven depending on the vehicle's size. Some reports have suggested a payload of up to 10,000lb, which would make it pretty big. Speed is around 200kt.

    The twin-boom "Bronco" tail is reminscent of Northrop's Scaled Composites-designed Firebird MALE UAS demonstrator, and that looks like a cargo pod slung under the engine. MUVR harks back to the Ryan XV-5 Vertifan, an experimental V/STOL aircraft of the 1960s that had two gas-driven fans in the wing and one in the nose.

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