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Special coverage from onsite at the 2012 ILA Berlin Air Show
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  • Eurofighter Picks Photo Winner
    Posted by Rupa Haria 7:52 AM on Sep 11, 2012

    What’s an air show for? To look at photos of planes, of course, even if the real ones are sitting outside.

    That’s what the judges for Eurofighter’s Amateur Photography Competition did at ILA on Tuesday, sorting through photos of the fighter in action from as far afield as Malaysia and Alaska. The winner: Gaz West from the U.K., with a stunning shot of Eurofighter departing into the sunset at RAF Coningsby. His photo will be featured on the cover of the Eurofighter 2013 calendar.

    Eurofighter has been ordered by six nations (Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria and Saudi Arabia). Some 559 have been delivered against 707 aircraft on contract. 

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