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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology Special Report on Innovation -- March 4/11, 2013
    Posted by Joe Anselmo 1:38 PM on Jan 07, 2013

    As the aerospace and defense industry seeks to become more agile and innovative, it is looking for better ways to identify new ideas and new talent. Those approaches, and how they are working, will be the focus of a special report on innovation that will appear in the March 4/11 double issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

    Led by Senior Technology Editor Graham Warwick, the package will drill down into topics such as:

    *How companies identify, work with and acquire innovative small entities.

    *Strategies large players need to consider to keep small companies they acquire from losing their innovative culture.

    *The challenges companies face in identifying and incubating new, innovative partners.

    *How private enterprise is using prize challenges to stimulate breakthroughs in key disciplines and whether it’s working

    *The effectiveness of government use of prize challenges to attract “non-traditional” players to the aerospace and defense market.

    The special report will also look at challenges underway now at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for robotics and at NASA for lunar rovers. 

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