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  • Business & Commercial Aviation for November 2012
    Posted by William Garvey 10:44 AM on Sep 23, 2012

    Business aviation has gone global in a big way and the November issue will help operators undertake intercontinental missions more efficiently and safely. We're addressing this ever-increasing activity in several ways:

    In "Oceanic ATC," veteran business aviation pilot and regular contributor Jim Cannon partners with Franklin Richey, an ATP and Embry-Riddle educator, to detail the expectations and procedures involved in traversing the busy North Atlantic and the Pacific. And they provide practical, hands-on guidance about what to do when things go awry.

    Meanwhile, David Esler closely analyzes one of business aviation's more disappointing and alarming records -- that of the community's operational failures on the North Atlantic Tracks. The number flights involving "gross navigation errors," "large height deviations" and "erosion of longitudinal separation" is a matter of real concern, especially since the area involved constitutes the world's most trafficked airspace and tolerances are becoming even tighter. In "Oceanic Nav and Height Errors," we identify the most frequent -- and readily manageable -- culprit.

    The steady march towards the space-based NextGen system stumbled a bit when it was discovered that a proposed ground-based digital network could play havoc with the aviation system's key element: the global positioning system. Just how vulnerable is GPS, what's being done to mitigate threats, and what's the impact on aviation? "When GPS Goes Down" provides the answers, and more.


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