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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology, April 1-8 - New Space
    Posted by Michael Bruno 11:39 AM on Feb 08, 2013

    Be sure to grab this issue as you make your way to the National Space Symposium! In it Aviation Weeks looks beyond the near-Earth spacecraft and other technologies taking shape under the “New Space” banner, and asks how the new assets will shape the way we use space.

    Ultimately the space tourists who sparked the new-space movement will be a small fraction of the market. More significant will be the impact on the space services we already take for granted today of more and cheaper launch vehicles, in-space servicing and perhaps super-fast point-to-point cargo and passenger deliveries. Those include global communications, extremely accurate navigation and – because spaceflight is the ultimate dual-use technology - a host of military applications.

    Meanwhile, more importantly for some in industry - believe it or not - will be how military certification plays out over new launch providers like SpaceX. If folks thought NASA was tough, just wait until the military gets a say. They don't curse "milspecs" for nothing.

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