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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology, March 25
    Posted by Jim Asker 6:03 PM on Feb 15, 2013

    We have an exciting pilot report coming up in the March 25 edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology. It complements our coverage online, in Business & Commercial Aviation and Show News, in print and in digital editions. Our chief pilot, Fred George, will fly left seat in Gulfstream G650. We’re the first to fly and evaluate it. 

    The G650 is the world’s most advanced, fastest, longest-range, roomiest and quietest business jet to date.

    Here are the key points about the airplane and our report:

    *  The first completely clean-sheet Gulfstream aircraft since the G II

    *  First fly-by-wire Gulfstream. Takes full advantage of technical resources available from General Dynamics’ other subsidiaries

    *  Most fuel-efficient long-range, large cabin business jet when cruising at 0.85 Mach or faster

    *  Most technically comprehensive pilot report available from any trade publication

    *  Chock to chock, cockpit video during pilot report

    Only Aviation Week & Space Technology has a full-time aircraft evaluation pilot on staff, one who has flown and evaluated 160+ models and variants during the past 30+ years. Our pilot reports are objective, in-depth, “hands-on”, first-person aircraft evaluations from our own team.


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