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  • UPDATE: Aviation Week & Space Technology Global Hypersonics Report -- November 26, 2012
    Posted by Joe Anselmo 1:57 PM on Oct 30, 2012

    Hypersonic researchers around the world are sensitive to the old joke that ‘hypersonics is the future, and always will be.’ Yet, despite the recent high profile failure of the latest U.S. X-51 demonstrator, the industry continues to move ever closer to successfully developing the technology required for routine, air-breathing travel at speeds above Mach 5. In a 12-page special report that will be published in the Nov. 26 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology, senior technology editors Guy Norris and Graham Warwick will examine industry-government hypersonics initiatives under way in the U.S., Europe, Japan, India and China and the potential for a new wave of international partnerships in the field. Among the topics to be addressed in the package will be the U.S. hypersonics roadmap, lessons learned from the X-51, India's HSTDV technology demonstrator, and new details on Chinese hypersonics research. 

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