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  • AW&ST MRO Edition: November 2013
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 1:17 PM on Aug 23, 2013

    Companies are spending money again--and this MRO Edition, which will be dated Nov. 11/18--spotlights where.

    The airline industry's recovery and fleet modernization is prompting MROs to invest in new machinery, test equipment and IT--as well as hire engineers who are developing new repairs. With this obviously comes new capabilities. 

    This MRO Edition will show you what software the 10 top airlines, as ranked by scheduled passengers carried, use for their maintenance and engineering operation. We also ask these airlines what functionality they’d like to add or change. 

    Our Market Analysis takes a deep look at the ATR42. The -500 and -600 versions are powered by Pratt & Whitney PW127 engines.

    MRO Links topics include MRO services and windows, so if you have new products or support options in these categories, please let me know.

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