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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology--February MRO Edition
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 4:54 PM on Nov 29, 2012

    Our February issue (dated Feb. 11) features one of the most topical issues in the commercial aviation and the aftermarket: With aircraft and engines generating more and more data, what are companies and airlines doing to best utilize it? There are lot of options available—and lots in development—and we’ll outline how they help operators save money.

    With the requirement to provide ever higher levels of customer support around the globe, logistics is becoming more important than ever. In the December 2012 issue of the MRO Edition, we looked at the logistics involved in the physical movement of goods. In today's dynamic supply chains, information about those goods is just as important. In this issue, we will look at the software and technologies managing logistics in the MRO supply chain.

    In keeping with this reliability theme, we look at what investments component and avionics repair stations are making. What test equipment are they buying and why? This integral part of the industry is investing some big money, which impacts the capabilities and turnaround times they can deliver.

    This issue’s market analysis will cover the venerable Boeing 777.

    Seat cushions: As passengers you take them for granted, but there is a lot involved in their purchasing, testing and appearance. Settle in for the full story.

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