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  • AW&ST MRO Edition--December 2013
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 2:37 PM on Aug 23, 2013

    Engine repairs and technology insertions will be our big story in the December issue, which will be dated Dec. 9. With fuel representing 35-40% of an airline's operating budget--and signs that fuel prices could go up again--engine operational efficiency is especially paramount.

    Our Market Analysis examines the Boeing 737 fleet, its reliability and MRO market opportunities. This fleet workhorse is powered by CFM56 engines.

    The MRO Edition's popular Inventory Optimization & Logistics feature explores a slightly different angle--the talent and workforce needed to sustain this increasingly complex and globally connected part of the industry.

    Because this is the last issue of the year, it seems fitting to include Best of MRO Links again. We tabulate the most requested products. Have you explored all of the great product and service categories lately? Click here to check what's available.

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