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  • AW&ST Oct. 22 - War with Iran
    Posted by Michael Bruno 8:21 AM on Sep 14, 2012

    The chattering classes have deemed it a question of "when," and not "if" - but no matter where you fall on the spectrum of expectation about a hot war between Iran and the West, the fact is it would be like no other. Such a war likely would combine strong elements of both irregular, asymmetric battle, like cyber, Special Operations Forces, insurgents and proxy attacks globally, as well as phalanxes of aircraft, missiles and maybe even boots on the ground inside Persia itself.

    Aviation Week is dedicating several pages and a couple of senior editors for a special package on the issue Oct. 22. In it we will examine:

    • Why an attack is likely, or not. What each actor seeks to gain.

    • Iran’s missiles and nukes versus Israel’s defenses.

    • How we know what we know, as well as counter-deception techniques.

    • Cyber and proxy/hybrid warfare.

    •Conventional force balances.

    • And bases and attack routes, among other issues.


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