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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology MRO Edition: March 2013
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 4:37 PM on Jan 16, 2013

    The  industry continually tries to seek efficiencies, and one place to do that is through maintenance programs. OEMs supply maintenance programs, but airlines often tailor them to their operation. MROs offer innovative phased maintenance programs to decrease downtime. With all of this, what are best practices? What are the new innovations? You'll read about it in the MRO Edition.

    Our Market Analysis will look into the Pratt & Whitney JT9D, which powers 747, 767, A300, A310 and DC-10 aircraft. We examine the fleet, MRO prospects and its performance.

    We debut an IT software benchmarking survey, which looks at MRO software by type--from MRO specific options to niche software--and of course, documentation and storage. If you're interested in MRO IT, I suspect you might refer to this big feature as a reference throughout the year. 

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