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  • Aviation Week & Space Technology, December MRO Edition
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 12:32 AM on Oct 19, 2012

    I will provide more details soon, but I wanted to share a few highlights of our December issue.

    The supply chain feature will focus on logistics: how do companies maximize efficiencies and costs of getting parts and tools around the world? 

    Our cover package will focus on how airlines, MROs, OEMs and suppliers are working toward using data better, integrating IT systems and maintenance planning to make information more predictive and mobile. We will highlight a few airlines that are making huge steps in this area and could be considered leading edge. There are enormous changes coming in this area and understanding how IT and data analysis fits is a big deal.

    UPDATE on Nov. 19: Other December issue highlights:

    1. Parts Inventory Trends: The airline and MRO industry is changing the way it stocks, prices and sells aircraft parts. Find out what airlines and MROs are looking for--and how.

    2. Interview: We talk to Paul McElhinney, president and CEO services for GE Aviation.

    3. The Best of MRO Links: Find out which aftermarket products and services received the most traffic.

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