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  • AW&ST MRO Edition, Jan. 27: SMS, Middle East
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 6:19 PM on Jan 08, 2014

    The AW&ST MRO Edition receives a new design with the new year to help you "see" the section based on colored page corners. This way you can quickly turn straight to the section--or read it in your usual way--in print or in digital format.

    This redesigned issue will look different but will feature the same essential content you expect--plus more digital content.

    Sean Broderick outlines that Safety Management Systems don't need to be whole new projects, but rather that SMS largely can be a combination of existing elements augmented with a few new mandates. Consider this a practical primer on how to deliver better safety systems that provide ROI.

    This issue,  which will be distributed at our MRO Middle East Conference & Exhibition, also reveals the results of an Aviation Week study that polled companies in the Middle East about their MRO workforce demand--as well as Middle East training facilities about their supply of MRO professionals.  The article highlights the disconnect and industry/education partnerships challenges in the region. This study also will be used as the basis of the "MENA Manpower Challenge" workshop at the MRO Middle East Conference on Feb. 4. If you haven't already registered, here's the link.

    The Jan. 27 MRO Edition also will include a look at the increasingly competitive VIP completions market, and a digital feature on the Top 10 airline fleets in the Middle East. The rich media (digital) extra looks at that fleet now and how it will grow over the next decade so you can project maintenance opportunities.

    While this is very subtle, we've renamed our Market Analysis feature to better reflect what it covers--so this issue will debut the Airframe Analysis, which evaluates the Airbus A380 fleet and its performance, as well as upcoming maintenance opportunities. In the next issue, March 3, you'll see the Engine Analysis focused on the Pratt & Whitney PW100/150. We've alternated our airframe and engine coverage in the past--but we hope the slight renaming of the feature will make it more intuitive.

    Please let me know what you think of the changes. Happy new year!

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