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  • Boeing's KC-46A Tanker Sparks 767 Cockpit Upgrade
    Posted by Graham Warwick 2:43 AM on Jul 10, 2012

    In an example of military-civil synergy, Boeing and Rockwell Collins are taking advantage of development of the 767-based KC-46A aerial refueling tanker for the U.S. Air Force to launch a cockpit upgrade for the 767, and 757.

    The decision to incorporate 787 flightdeck technology into the KC-46A was the catalyst for the 757/767 cockpit upgrade, says Colin Mahoney, vice president of sales, marketing and support for Rockwell Collins Commercial Systems.

    Concept: Rockwell Collins

    The flightdeck upgrade will replace the 767’s six portrait-format cathode ray-tube displays with three large, landscape-format liquid-crystal displays from the 787, each providing two independent display windows.

    Supplemental type certification of the upgrade is scheduled for the second quarter 2014. The companies won’t identify the “robust” launch customer for the new cockpit, but the timing coincides with the start of deliveries of 26 new 767-300 freighter to FedEx Express.

    The widebody 767 is lead platform for the upgrade because the aircraft fleet still has years of life ahead of it, says Mahoney. The 757 is going along for the ride, because the existing cockpits are identical, even if the single-aisle does not have the longevity of the 767.

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