Farnborough Air Show 2010

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  • Enders: Airbus flies, Boeing parks air show aircraft
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:08 AM on Jul 22, 2010

    Airbus CEO Tom Enders is quite happy with how Farnborough has gone this year, with healthy new order intake a clearly a new dynamism in the market.

    The Airbus boss also got a first-hand look at the Boeing 787. “This will be a very good aircraft,” he says, but notes the A350 “will be better.”

    One of the differences between Airbus and Boeing is what they do with their aircraft at air shows, he says: “We bring new aircraft to air shows to fly them, they bring them to park them.”

    And there are other signs the rivalry is alive and healthy. Boeing officials boast they will overtake Airbus on deliveries after having lagged several years (seven, to be exact, says Airbus’s chief salesman, John Leahy). Leahy says it is not a done deal, though, since Airbus may boost production.

    But Enders notes that even if that were the case, he’s not worried. In a duopoly, those things can happen, and as long as the two are largely in balance, he can live with being second.

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