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  • New Supersonic BizJet - Check ShowNews
    Posted by Graham Warwick 7:40 PM on Jun 17, 2011

    Check Monday's Aviation Week ShowNews at Paris for exclusive details of a new supersonic business jet - and not just any supersonic bizjet, but a quiet hybrid-electric supersonic business jet, the details of which will raise your eyebrows several inches above your head.

    That's according to recent US patent applications by HyperMach - the company making its anouncement at Paris on Monday - and its CEO, Richard Lugg. They detail a slender low-boom aircraft with highly swept double-delta supersonic laminar-flow wing, designed to cruise at up to Mach 3.8 and 85,000ft.

    The Quiet Hybrid Electric Supersonic Civil Transport (QHESCT design described in the patent application also includes an "electromagnetic aerospike" and "electromagnetic drag reduction".
    blog post photo
    QHESCT (Graphic: USPTO)

    But the real kicker is the engine, the Magnetic Advanced Generation Jet Electric Turbine (MAGJET), described in another patent application. This essentially burns jet fuel to power a turbine generator that produces megawatts of electrical power to, in turn, drive the fan and compressor electrically, and not mechanically (see comments).

    For a glimpse of what HyperMach has in mind, check out this video of Lugg talking at a recent TEDx conference. He starts talking about the supersonic aircraft around the 9min mark.

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