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  • Looking for Ice With a Gulfstream
    Posted by Graham Warwick 4:00 PM on Mar 22, 2011

    Gulfstream says its new G250 mid-size business jet has completed natural icing tests, both to verify the aircraft's stability and control with ice build-up on unprotected surfaces and to evaluate the performance of its ice-protection system.

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    Photos: Gulfstream

    The picture shows ice buildup on the wing tip, winglet leading edge and tip of the test probe, but a clean wing leading-edge. Unlike the earlier G200, which uses pneumatic boots to de-ice the wing, the G250 has bleed-air anti-icing like all larger Gulfstreams. This allows the highly polished leading edges Gulftream customers expect.

    Natural icing conditions are not the easy to come by during flight testing, and can often trip up a certfication program. The G250 is being developed by Israel AerMid-size G250 passes ivcinospace Industries and had to leave Tel Aviv last month and spend several weeks in the US, flying in the Great Lakes region to hunt for natural icing conditions. Other rmanufacturers have had to fly to Alaska, or South America, in  search of the right conditions.

    Scheduled for certification later this year, the G250 has been as far afield as Finland for cold-soak trials, Gulfstream says, but was able to do hot-weather testing closer to home, on the Red Sea coast.

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