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  • All-Electric e-Genius Gets Airborne
    Posted by Graham Warwick 3:50 PM on May 26, 2011

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    Photo: Airbus

    No, it's not the next Airbus narrowbody, it's the University of Stuttgart's e-Genius electric-powered aircraft making its 20min first flight on May 25 from Mindelheim airfield in Bavaria. But it is sponsored by Airbus as a technology demonstrator for electric propulsion.

    Built by the university's Institute of Aircraft Design in cooperation with Slovakian sailplane and light aircraft maker Pipistrel, e-Genius has a 60kW electric motor powering a large-diameter, slow-turning and low-noise propeller mounted on the tail. Design cruise speed is up to 235km/h (127kt) and range 400km (216nm), for an energy consumption per passenger of 4.75kWh (equivalent to 0.6 litres of fuel) per 100km.

    The University of Stuttgart's Institute of Aircraft design flew the solar-powered Icare 2 in 1996 and designed the Hydrogenius, which was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with backup batteries. Airbus says it's sponsoring the work because of its interest in the long-term potential of electricity as an alternative onboard energy source.

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