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  • TechWeek 3/26 - Lasers, Noise, Debris
    Posted by Graham Warwick 2:50 PM on Mar 26, 2010

    Here are some technology stories from around the web this week:

    LIGHT WORK: The boffins at Germany's Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed a way to automate the manufacture of fiber-reinforced themoplastic components by combining tape placement with targeted laser heating to reduce the energy and time required. They are also using lasers to bond glassfiber-reinforced thermoplastic components using an infrared laser to melt the surface of the parts and weld them together.

    SOUND MOVE: Military aircraft noise is a major issue in Europe, and the Netherlands' National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) has demonstrated that injecting high-speed, high-pressure water into the exhaust plume of an F-16 reduces the noise during ground runs. The water alters the airflow, reducing shockwaves and turbulence - they just don't know exactly how, so more research is planned.

    ORBIT TO OBIT: The UK's Surrey Space Center has unveiled a tiny satellite, CubeSail, that will use a solar sail for propulsion - and as a brake, to deorbit the spacecraft at the end of its life. New Scientist says future satellites could carry sails that would deploy to deorbit them when their useful life ends, or swarms of CubeSails could attach themselves to space junk to help clear out low Earth orbit.

    YOU KNOW YOU DO: Want to be on the scientific and technological advisory board of Europe's Clean Sky research program? They are looking for "high-level" researchers and engineers, so make sure to fill out an expression of interest by the Apr. 23 deadline.

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