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  • VIDEO: Carter's Hybrid VTOL Flying
    Posted by Graham Warwick 8:38 PM on Jan 31, 2011

    Carter Aerospace Technologies has completed Phase 1 flight testing of its proof-of-concept Personal Air Vehicle, which will combine an autogyro-style unpowered rotor for vertical take-off and landing capability with a propeller and wing for efficient cruise flight.

    Carter has released video of the initial flights in autogyro mode, showing the "jump" take-off and "zero-roll" landing techniques achieved using the high-inertia rotor with its tip-weighted blades.

    Videos: Carter

    The company also has posted video of test pilot Larry Neal talking about the aircraft. He explains how a jump take-off is performed, and how this has been automated in the "second-generation" PAV to allow the aircraft to take off at the touch of a button.

    Neal also provides some insight into the advantages claimed for Carter's slowed rotor/compound (SR/C) technology. About about 85mph, he says, the wing begins to take over carrying the lift and the autorotating rotor automatically begins to slow down. By 150mph the wing is providing all the lift. This reduces the drag of the rotor and allows the aircraft to fly faster, more efficiently.

    The wing will be added for the next phase of flight tests. You can read more about the SR/C in a previous Leading Edge post.

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