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  • Bad news for BAA
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:27 AM on Dec 17, 2008

    The list of remedies the U.K. Competition Commission is proposing to fix what it perceives as BAA's dominance of key markets is multifaceted.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    -- sell not just Gatwick (already on the block), but Stansted and Edinburgh as well.

    -- Gatwick and Stansted can't go to the same buyer.

    -- airlines should have a greater voice in Heathrow investment decisions (maybe also at Stansted and Gatwick).

    -- investment planning at Aberdeen needs to be reformed.

    -- the government needs to overhaul airport regulators.


    Here's some things the Competition Commission is still assessing:

    -- allowing BAA to sell Glasgow instead of Edinburgh.

    -- timing of the Stansted sale.


    BAA isn't happy about the outcome and says it will continue to try to make its case before final remedies are published in late February or March.


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