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  • What A340? Airbus Hikes A330 Production Rate
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:09 PM on Feb 03, 2011

    The end appears near for the A340, which makes it all the more astonishing that Airbus feels confident enough about the sister-product, the A330, to once again hike production rates for the type.
    For years, Airbus widebody production was all about the A330/A340 line. No more, with the backlog of A340s down to four units -- all -500s -- it is all about the A330.

    In announcing the latest production increase, Airbus doesn't even bother, anymore, with the pro-foma A330/A340 lingo. "Airbus to increase A330 production rate to ten a month," the aircraft maker says. No mention of the four-engine cousin to the twin-widebody.

    blog post photo
    (Photo: Airbus)

    Airbus currently builds eight widebodies a month, will reach an output of nine per month next year, and then attain the new level of ten aircraft in the second quarter of 2013.

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