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  • So Long To Midwest Airlines -- Or What's Left Of It
    Posted by Andrew Compart 6:50 PM on Apr 13, 2010

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    Republic revealed its decision today on a unified brand for the Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines subsidiaries it acquired last year, and it should not come as a surprise that it chose Frontier. Essentially, by October of 2011, the only sign of Midwest Airlines likely to remain is its freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, which is so good that the carrier sells the cookie dough in stores. You can find some details on Republic's brand integration plan here.

    I'm sure Midwest still has some loyal customers in Milwaukee, but there's really not much left of the Midwest they first came to know and love. Do you remember the airline's two-by-two leather seating, fine china and free, fancy meals? Probably not. The carrier has changed dramatically in the past decade, and especially the last few years, and it's really its own airline in name only.

    All of its aircraft and crews are operated by Republic, Republic's Chautauqua subsidiary and Frontier, which basically had turned Midwest into a virtual airline. Most of the service is on Embraer jets, ranging from 37 to 99 seats. As I've mentioned before, this raises questions about the level of customer loyalty that remains. An airline can only fly so far on its cookie.

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