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  • Monarch Looking For New Aircraft
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 10:37 AM on Nov 30, 2012

    Monarch Airlines has achieved many good metrics in its financial year that ended Oct. 31, including ₤31.6 million in cost cuts and a ₤69.9 million increase in turnover.


    In addition to the efficiencies it already has achieved, Monarch plans to renew its fleet and is seeking to place an order for up to 45 new aircraft to be delivered up to 2021. Monarch says it “has issued invitations to the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers to submit proposals through a strategy which will consider both leasing and purchasing or aircraft.”


    So, it looks like sale, sale-leaseback and straight lease options are all on the table.


    Could the following tidbit in its financials provide any insight into its future order?  


    While Monarch works on picking new aircraft, it plans to take 4 new aircraft next year—two Airbus A320s in March/April, and two A321s in May. These will replace older aircraft that it will retire.


    Right now Monarch operates Airbus A300s, A320s, A321s , A330s and Boeing 757s. It cancelled its 787 order last year

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