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  • More Frequent Interior Upgrades On The 787
    Posted by Guy Norris 5:11 PM on Sep 25, 2011

    To counteract the extensive delays to entry-into-service of the 787, Boeing says it has refreshed the interior catalog offerings to keep pace with fast evolving features ranging from in-flight entertainment to prefered color schemes.

    Boeing 787 Interiors director Tom Galantowicz says that while longer life-cycle features such as overhead baggage bins have remained essentially unchanged, a range of shorter-cycle features can be updated more readily. "Seats and IFE that have shorter duration of evolution and growth," are most likely to be refreshed more frequently he says.

    "So we've gone through an extensive exercise to keep updating our catalog," says Galantowicz. The areas of most likely change, aside from color schemes and IFE, includes lavatory and galley fixtures.
    Galantowicz adds that "over the past year we've added eight or nine updates to the seats and IFE offerings. We've also been working closely with our seat suppliers - and they're going to add new features to the catalog."

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