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  • Delta Confirms 737-900ER Bet
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:12 PM on Aug 25, 2011

    Delta Air Lines has now spelled out its plans to field 100 Boeing 737-900ERs, with deliveries starting in 2013 and running through 2018.

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    (Photo: Delta Air Lines)

    In the process, it also gave Boeing some nice ammunition as it battles Airbus and the A320NEO to capture the 757 replacement market. In announcing the deal, Delta says "as a result of maintenance efficiencies and a 15 to 20 percent improvement in fuel consumption per seat, the Boeing 737-900ER will have lower unit costs than the older technology Boeing 757 and 767 and Airbus A320 aircraft that it will replace."

    The Delta deal brings the 737-900ER backlog to beyond 300 units, with more than 400 ordered. Lion Air remains the largest customer, iwith 166 of the typer ordered of which 47 had been delivered through July. Delta is the second largest 737-900ER customers.

    Delta will field 12 737-900ERs  in 2013, 19 each in the next four years, and 12 more in 2018. The structure is aimed at minimizing the impact on the airline's balance sheet.

    The -900ERs will be equipped with Boeing's Sky Interior cabin offering.

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