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  • Pssst - Wanna Get Inside AirTran?
    Posted by Christopher Fotos 3:42 PM on Oct 19, 2009

    Benet Wilson writes:

    Last week, I had the chance to do a blog post on the ubercool new Atlanta Falcons AirTran livery.  Love that red and black (the colors, NOT the team).

    One of my Twitter followers sent me a link to the Inside AirTran employees Web site, which is available to everyone.  It reminded me that my friend Christopher White asked me to take a look at the site awhile ago and say what I thought.

    I have to say, I like what I see.  It's chock full of useful information, videos and photos.  With all the news coverage of the H1N1 flu out there, AirTran got Dr. Julie Gerberding, former Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to answer questions about the illness.  The video is timely and informative.

    I also really like the Rumor Control section.  Having worked for 2 airlines. I know first hand how easily rumors can get started and how fast they spread.  The latest control has a Q&A video chat with Chairman/CEO Bob Fornaro on serving smaller markets, why fees are important to the bottom line, merger rumors and more.

    Have you ever wanted to know how an aircraft is wrapped with a special livery? It's one of the questions answered via video in the From The Mailbag section of the Web site.

    You can get past issues of Altitudes, the monthly employee newsletter, and there's a section near and dear to my heart -- News of the Weird.  There's also a video from VP Kevin Healy on how AirTran picks new cities and an insider's tour of the airline's Boston Logan station.

    If I were an employee, I'd be pleased with the information you get from the Inside AirTran Web site.  It's clean and easy to navigate, and even though I'm not an employee, I actually learned some things about AirTran that I didn't know.  And the fact that anyone can access the site is a bonus.

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