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  • Ethiopian Crash: Black Boxes Located
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:04 AM on Jan 28, 2010

    Accident investigators looking into the crash of the Ethiopian Boeing 737-800 off the coast of Lebanon have received some good news: at least one of the so called black boxes has apparently been located.
    Ethiopian says it is expecting recovery soon.
    The device or devices, it is not clear, yet, whether we are talking about the cockpit voice recorder or flight data recorder, are at around 4,000 ft. depth, according to local reports.
    The data could shed light on the issue of the direction the pilot flew when air traffic control advised a course change and the pilot flew in a different direction.
    Flight ET409 departed Beirut for Addis Ababa with 90 persons on board. No survivors have been found since the crash early Monday local time.

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