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  • Pilot Mentoring a Key to Safety - Babbitt at ALPA Forum
    Posted by Frances Fiorino 10:34 PM on Aug 05, 2009

    FAA Administrator J. Randolph (Randy) Babbitt received a standing ovation as he delivered his "We Can't Regulate Professionalism" keynote address before the Air Line Pilots Assn. 2009 Safety Forum.

    Babbitt, a former pilot and ALPA president, has a keen perspective of life from the left seat. He noted that the airline pilot profession has come under sharp criticism (Colgan Air accident) and tremendous praise (US Airways Flight 1549 water landing on New York's Hudson River) -- and encouraged pilots to help stamp out the negative view.

    To build and maintain pilot professionalism--a key to building safe skies-- Babbitt is encouraging the formation of mentoring groups so that fledgling pilots may learn from seasoned captains.

    To read text of Babbitt's prepared keynote address, click here


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